We are a mexican company founded in 2017 by mexican geophysicists with strong experience in Seismic Data Processing and exploration workflow in general: we have link with mexican universities and theorecic-practical knowledge.

Our personnel in SeisGlobe have experience with the latest technologies in processing of seismic data: merges PSTM, marine, land and transitional (2D, 3D, crooked lines, MAZ and WAZ) in Mexico and overseas: North America, South America, Middle East and south of Asia.

Our partner’s technology have prestige in the seismic industry; all together, our link with universities and our experience can manage the client’s expectations.



Fernando Gomez Santiago

Fernando Gómez

BE in Geophysics graduated from Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) in Mexico, MSc. in Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s interior at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM); with 15 years of experience working in production and new technologies in Seismic Data Processing at CGG; his latest position with CGG was Senior Geophysicist / Team Leader. He has been lecturer at IPN Earth Sciences; and is as well thesis advisor in Mexico and abroad. Nowadays, lecturer in Geophysics at Faculty of Engineering - Earth Sciences, UNAM.

Miguel Gomez Santiago

Miguel Gómez

BE in Geophysics graduated from Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) in Mexico; with 17 years of experience in the seismic Industry exploration at Compañía Mexicana de Exploraciones (COMESA) from seismic acquisition, processing production and interpretation; his latest position with COMESA was Senior Geophysicist / Project Leader and Contract Holder. Nowadays lecturer in seismic migration and Georadar prospecting (GPR) at IPN Earth Sciences.



To be the best option in geophysical exploration in the industry of natural resources.



Optimize the exploration of the natural resources in the industry through integral solutions of geophysical prospecting.



  • Experience
  • Trustworthiness
  • Innovation
  • Confidence
  • Social compromise and respect the nature
  • International presence
  • Link with universities


  • Numerical modelling to obtain the acquisition parameters
  • Design of seismic parameters acquisition
  • Processing of seismic data 2D, 2DHD, 3D, 3DHD, 4D, 3D3C, 2D3C, crocked lines, transitional (TZ) and OBC
  • Azimuthal processing VTI, HTI and TTI
  • Seismic imaging – PSTM and PSDM (Kirchhoff and RTM)
  • Building of velocity model with tomography
  • 3D Pre and Post stack merges (different vintages and acquisition parameters)
  • Velocity picking for Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP)
  • Conditioning CRP Gathers (for AVO and seismic inversion)
  • AVO and seismic inversion
  • QC of seismic data in field
  • Training in Seismic Data Processing
  • Training in seismic imaging
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Petrophysics
  • Physics of rocks
  • Other Geophysical prospection: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


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